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Paulsen is a legal employment specialist and training company. We offer the full range of employment law services across the spectrum of all employment law, HR and workplace law matters.
Leonora Paulsen is the CEO & Founder of Paulsen. Leonora is qualified in areas of Psychology, Labour Relations, Industrial Relations, Forensics and Criminal Law. Two of the key attributes she holds close to herself and has rolled out to the business are ambition and success. These unique skills and attributes are what allow Paulsen to and a unique value to its clients and partners.

As an essential ingredient to business prosperity, we help businesses to get HR and workplace culture right. We enable individual clients to achieve optimum outcomes in their employment. Our expert team provides responsive, timely, holistic, strategic, cost effective HR and Employment Law solutions.


For help with services in employment law, call Paulsen on 087 945 39651/072 678 5898
or contact via email(info@paulsenir.co.za).

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